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OneWalk to Conquer Cancer – Toronto 2015


OneWalk to Conquer Cancer – Toronto 2015


This past Saturday, over 4.5 thousand participants came out to support the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre’s OneWalk to Conquer Cancer in Toronto. Together, survivors and supporters walked 25K through Toronto’s downtown neighbourhoods.

An incredible $7.5 million was raised and designated to 15 different cancer funds. These funds will help scientists detect cancers earlier, diagnose cancer with more precision and target treatment for each patient, as well as provide support for patients and families through their cancer journey.

The title sponsor for the OneWalk to Conquer Cancer was Shoppers Drug Mart, and they rallied together over 700 participants for this year’s walk, and raised over $700,00.

Want to take part next year? Mark September 10th on your calendar, and visit to register. It’s never to early to start raising awareness.

Shoppers LOVE. YOU.

Beauty Shopping

Shoppers LOVE. YOU.


Over the last 5 years Shoppers Drug Mart has donated over $57 million to support women’s health. From the Run for Women, to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, and One Walk to Conquer Cancer.

And recently they launched a new program to help put women’s health first: Shoppers LOVE. YOU.

Shoppers Drug Mart knows that women feel better when they feel good and love themselves.

This new program shares the expertise of Shoppers Drug Mart partners at leading women’s health organizations, provides new health resources, and connects women in support of local women’s health initiatives across Canada.

To learn more, check out their Shoppers LOVE. YOU. website, you’ll find a calendar with all the events they support and learn how you can take part.

Saturday. Do you turn off or do you actually do work as well.


Saturday. Do you turn off or do you actually do work as well.

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So how you spend your Saturday morning? Do you get to sleep in? Maybe you have to work on Saturdays?

I wake up, make a coffee and go to my desk to check my email. I try to finish up anything I didn’t complete the previous work week. As an entrepreneur I don’t always have the luxury of turning “off”. I must say however, that I am really trying to “TURN OFF”.

My claim to fame – I am always available. That might have been okay in my younger days, but it certainly is not true for me anymore.  Does this blog post count as work?

I remember my first Blackberry. I had one of the first ones on the mobitext. It changed my life. I used to be on the road all day, then I would have to spend a couple of hours after work replying back to all of the email messages in my inbox. My Blackberry saved me an hour or two everyday. I made it my mission to get everyone I knew on a Blackberry and all of my friends, colleagues and clients were happy to do so at my request.

Now everything has changed.

Nail Polish – Do you have a signature colour?


Nail Polish – Do you have a signature colour?

I am a creature of habit. If I find I like something I tend to stick with it. Like my nail polish. I used to be the Queen of the French Manicure. Week in and week out, I would get my french manicure. Now I would get more daring on my toes. I would be more daring. I would pink Pink. Actually fushcia to be more exact.


Then after years and pehaps decades, I changed to OPI Lincoln park. Dark short nails, That was it. And because I tend to be the matchy-matchy type guess what colour I would put on my toes… you guessed it.


I recently made a change to Blue – but that was to support Beauty Gives Back and their campaign to support women suffering from the cancer blues. So guess what – I painted my finger nails one shade of blue and my toes another shade :).

Now I am thinking I might go back to my French manicure roots – but only partially. I think I am going to go for a pink. OPI Bubble Bath was always my favourite.



Friday Night. Do you have a Weekly Ritual?

Back in the day – I couldn’t wait for the weekend. Friday night and you would NEVER catch me at home. After all – it was the weekend!

Now, I look forward to coming home, getting into my cozies, ordering in dinner, and enjoying a nice glass of wine. The thought of actually having to get ready to go out on a Friday night is just no longer appealing. Not only that, I really don’t have the energy.

Another reason – I like to get up early. The thought of sleeping in on a Saturday actually seems like such a waste of time precious free time. How about you? Do you have the luxury of sleeping in on Saturdays? Do you enjoy being tired on Saturday morning?