Saturday. Do you turn off or do you actually do work as well.

2015-08-15 17.22.55

So how you spend your Saturday morning? Do you get to sleep in? Maybe you have to work on Saturdays?

I wake up, make a coffee and go to my desk to check my email. I try to finish up anything I didn’t complete the previous work week. As an entrepreneur I don’t always have the luxury of turning “off”. I must say however, that I am really trying to “TURN OFF”.

My claim to fame – I am always available. That might have been okay in my younger days, but it certainly is not true for me anymore.  Does this blog post count as work?

I remember my first Blackberry. I had one of the first ones on the mobitext. It changed my life. I used to be on the road all day, then I would have to spend a couple of hours after work replying back to all of the email messages in my inbox. My Blackberry saved me an hour or two everyday. I made it my mission to get everyone I knew on a Blackberry and all of my friends, colleagues and clients were happy to do so at my request.

Now everything has changed.

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