Nail Polish – Do you have a signature colour?

I am a creature of habit. If I find I like something I tend to stick with it. Like my nail polish. I used to be the Queen of the French Manicure. Week in and week out, I would get my french manicure. Now I would get more daring on my toes. I would be more daring. I would pink Pink. Actually fushcia to be more exact.


Then after years and pehaps decades, I changed to OPI Lincoln park. Dark short nails, That was it. And because I tend to be the matchy-matchy type guess what colour I would put on my toes… you guessed it.


I recently made a change to Blue – but that was to support Beauty Gives Back and their campaign to support women suffering from the cancer blues. So guess what – I painted my finger nails one shade of blue and my toes another shade :).

Now I am thinking I might go back to my French manicure roots – but only partially. I think I am going to go for a pink. OPI Bubble Bath was always my favourite.


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