LCBO Food & Drink Summer Issue is Availalbe

Do you love Food & Drink Magazine as much as we do. We still can’t believe it is FREE!  Thank you LCBO!

Have you picked up your copy of the Summer 2016 Food and Drink Magazine at LCBO yet? If not don’t forget to pick it up on your next trip. If not – remember that you can view the digital issue. Click here to view it now.

We have a ritual for the release of any Food & Drink Magazine.

  1. Go the LCBO and pick up our copy of Food & Drink Magazine (make sure that we pick up the English version and not the French version because we cannot read or write in French)
  2. Pick up a bottle of wine we can enjoy while we read it
  3. Order dinner so we can concentrate on reading the magazine and not cooking
  4. Sit and the couch and read Food & Drink cover to cover
  5. Tear out the recipes we are going to try and post them on our refrigerator
  6. Make a list of the new wines we want to try so we are ready for our next trip to the LCBO
  7. Select 1 appetizer from the magazine we will create from scratch
  8. Select 1 main dish from the magazine we will create from scratch
  9. Select 1 dessert from the magazine that we will create from scratch


We love this savoury galette which we will use as our appetizer.


We just love the look of flattened chicken and this one sound delicious.

flattended chicken

We are going to make this dessert. This really is Pavlov-ely. Thank you President’s Choice for providing us with this magnificent recipe.


We had to pick a second dessert as well. These lavender lemon curd tarts just look devine. Wonder if we can use the President’s Choice lemon curd for this recipe as well!

lavender lemon curd

Honora Vera. This is the first bottle of wine on our list. There is something about this wine. Stay tuned for the review.


So what do you think of our selections. Do you have any favourites you would like to share with us?



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