#VirginMobile Wants To Help You Put Your Best Face Forward #April1

Cell phone giant Virgin Mobile just announced their newest product – the FaceCase Beard Edition! It’s a case for your cellphone designed to make it easier for dudes to groom on the go. Merging the best in beard maintenance with high-end technology, Virgin Mobile is at the cutting edge of the industry.

“For generations, society has viewed bearded men with equal parts admiration and respect, but our increasingly busy lifestyles have made it almost impossible for guys to maintain many of today’s hottest facial hair styles,” said proud beard wearer Joseph Ottorino, managing director, Virgin Mobile Canada. “That’s why we’re excited to introduce The FaceCase Beard Edition™. Now you can ensure your beard is reaching its full growth potential anywhere, at any time.” 

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The FaceCase Beard Edition™ includes:

  • Trimming scissors
  • Beard comb
  • Mustache wax
  • Mirror
  • Beard Bib

Send Virgin Mobile Canada a picture of your beard on Instagram, and if you’re deemed to have the most glorious chin mane you will win a special treat. Enter by tagging @VirginMobileCan and #FaceIt.

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