KitchenAid’s Newest Multi-Door Fridge

Recently I had the chance to check out the latest appliances from KitchenAid. And while I talked about the Black Stainless Suite here, I also wanted to share more about their newest refrigerator: the Multi-Door Fridge.

Multi-door-fridge-kitchenaidIt has some incredible features, making it one the best looking, convenient, and efficient fridges out there. Its stainless steel doors are easy to clean and come in regular stainless steel, or their newest black stainless (which looks incredible next to dark brown cabinets).

multi-door-fridge-handles-kitchenaidThe fridge handles are a satin cross-hatch, which makes them easy to grip, but still easy to clean. They also feature the red KitchenAid Medallion.

multi-door-fridge-open-kitchenaidKitchenAid fridges have independent cooling systems. One for the fridge, helping to keep food fresh longer. And a separate system for the freezer. This increases the fridge’s efficiency. Plus to help minimize odours, they have The FreshFlow™ Air Filter. Plus the Produce Preservers can help delay over-ripening of your fruits and veggies.


The 5-door configuration is the first of its kind. It keeps food fresher, longer, by separating your food. The 2 soft-close drawers optimize your storage, and keep food at the perfect temperature. The left drawer has 5 pre-set temperatures: meat/fish, drinks, greens/herbs, deli/cheese, thaw/marinate. The right drawer is perfect for fruits with its Produce Preserver.

And just when you were thinking, “that’s a lot of storage,” it doesn’t stop there. There’s an herb drawer in the main part of the fridge, to keep all your herbs fresh and full of flavour. And the large freezer has 3 levels, plus a divider on the lowest level. No more digging through the freezer, freezing your hands!

multi-door-fridge-water-kitchenaidThe water and ice dispenser are on the outside of the fridge, minimizing the need to open the fridge door. The water dispenser is also programmed to pour out specific measurements in ounces, cups, or litres! You can also program it for the exact amount of water you need for you coffee machine or water bottle. It’s the little attention to details like this, that make this fridge so amazing.

multi-door-fridge-LED-lights-kitchenaidThe inside of the fridge and freezer are lit with LED lights. Making it easy to find anything you need. They’re also energy efficient and never need to be replaced.

You can view all the details about the Multi-door fridge by visiting their website: or find a retailer near you.

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