Join the #WowYourBrows Twitter Chat with Benefit Canada May 15 at 1pm ET

Put your best brows forward!

Every girl needs a great pair of arches…they’re the fastest way to a magical transformation. Natural or polished, there’s no one brow that fits all!  Don’t worry if you were not born with the perfect brows, Benefit Cosmetics can tame any type of brow problem.

For all you tweeps out there, Benefit is hosting a Twitter Chat on Wednesday May 25, 2016 at 1pm ET with their Brow and Trend Artist Maddox. Get your questions ready! You even have a chance to win a Benefit Brow Book!




Tell us about your brows!

Do you love your brows or do your brows need help? My brow are thin and skimpy please comment below to tell us about your brows!

Thin & Skimpy:

  • Are your brow hairs fair, fine or over-tweezed?


  • Are you brows arch-less, overgrown or un-groomed?


  • Do your brows have bare spots, sparse hairs or scars?


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