Did you know today is #PinkShirtDay?

Pink Shirt Day started back in 2007 when a young boy was bullied for coming to school in a pink shirt. That day started a nationwide movement where every year on February 24th, people across Canada join together to take a stand against bullying.

Three out of four Canadians have admitted that they have been bullied throughout there life. That ratio stands that probably you or someone you love has been bullied. It’s time to take a stand against this. Wear your pink shirt proudly today to show that you won’t take bullying lightly.

Check out for more information, and to find out how to donate. Net proceeds from official Pink Shirt Day t-shirts, buttons, and pins are donated directly to programs supporting children’s healthy self-esteem. These programs teach children empathy, compassion and kindness towards both others and themselves

Are you wearing pink today? Tweet or post a picture to Instagram using the hashtag #PinkShirtPromise

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