Which Countries Have the Most Work to do? #COP21

The average global temperature has been slowly rising in the last few decades. And the main culprit is carbon emissions. Often times we don’t think much about it, if we have to go to the store, we hop in our car, we make purchases from factories that emit carbon. And while making purchases keeps the economy moving, perhaps we need to be making smarter decisions about how much of a carbon footprint we’re leaving.

Last month, a global conference was held in Paris to tackle just this question, on a larger scale – what can countries do? The Paris Agreement noted that we needed to keep the average global temperature from rising more than 2°, because while that doesn’t seem like a lot, it can mean all the difference for icecaps, crops, and water sources.

To do so the Paris Agreement asks that each country implement its own climate action plan by 2018. Each country faces it’s own challenges when it comes to carbon emissions, and some will have more work to do than others.

Africa, South-East Asia and Latin America have some of the lowest emissions per capita, while North America, Australia and parts of the Middle East have some of the highest. China actually consumes the highest fossil fuels, due to their large population.

If you have any recommendations on how you and your family can help reduce carbon emissions for 2016, share it with us.

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