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Samsung Canada Introduces the Galaxy Tab E Lite and Galaxy Tab A 7


Samsung Canada Introduces the Galaxy Tab E Lite and Galaxy Tab A 7

One of the biggest tech companies in the game, Samsung, is dropping some incredibly new products! The new Galaxy Tab E Lite and Galaxy Tab A 7 arrived in Canada on March 23rd.

I’ve always been a big fan of Samsung products because they really think of the user. They may not be as pretty as iPhones, but their performance makes it SO worth it! Especially the memory – the new Galaxy offers 32 GB of MicroSD storage! They’re wonderful products for travelling too (something I do WAY too much of!) Instead of bringing my larger laptop everywhere, the Galaxy tablet enables me to do alllll my work, without carrying everything around! And I can download movies and watch them on my long-haul planes.

The best part? The Galaxy phone has a no-slip back, for those of you who are prone to dropping your phone!

Here are some other great features of the new Galaxys

  • Versatile device options for the entire family: The Multi User Mode enables families to create up to eight unique user profiles with their own music, games, apps and photos. While sharing one device, everyone can keep everything organized and ensure personal information stays personal.
  • Multi-tasking ease: Maximize time and productivity by working on two apps at the same time.Effortlessly watch movies, check email, shop online and chat with friends on a single screen.
  • Safer and more secure Kids Mode: Enabling Kids Mode allows for up to six kids’ profiles, blocks unsuitable apps, sets time limits and provides a wide range of fun and educational content giving kids access to a safer and more appropriate world of colour and fun.
  • Ultimate value and affordability: Available for under $200, these high-performance multi-purpose tablets can be used for working, storing and viewing content.

Designed to offer the ultimate family-sharing experience, both tablets offer a child-friendly interface, endless entertainment options and multi-tasking functionality, maximizing productivity while keeping everyone in the family connected to what matters most.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite and the Galaxy Tab A 7 will be available as of March 23rd at Samsung Experience Stores and retailers across the country. The 7-inch Galaxy Tab E Lite will be available in white and will retail for $149.99 (MSRP). The 7-inch Galaxy Tab A will be offered in black and white and retail for$199.99 (MSRP).  You can check out availabilities here

Here are all the specs from the brand new products!

Galaxy Tab E Lite

Galaxy Tab A 7







UPC Code


White Colour
UPC Code: 887276095844

Black Colour
UPC Code: 887276149578

White Colour
UPC Code: 887276149592


193.2 x 116.5 x 9.7mm (310 g)

108.6 x 186.9 x 8.7mm (280 g)


7.0″ TFT

7.0″ TFT

WSVGA (1024×600)

WXGA (1280×800)


1.0GB + 8GB (micro SD up to 32GB)

1.5GB + 8GB (micro SD up to 200GB)



5.0MP AF + 2.0MP


3,600 mAh (up to 9Hrs of Internet Usage time)

4,000 mAh (up to 11Hrs of Internet Usage time)


Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

BT v4.0, micro USB 2.0

BT 4.1, micro USB 2.0


Android 4.4 (KitKat)

Android 5.1 (Lollipop)


1.3GHz Quad-Core

1.3GHz Quad-Core

Unite Box Size

197.9 x 122.4 x 45.9 mm (421.8 g)

200 x 118 x 48.5 mm (451 g)

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