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My Favorite Finds from H&M Festival


My Favorite Finds from H&M Festival

Did you hear that H&M is launching a new e-commerce site in Canada? It’s about time – even though there are H&M’s all over the city, I can’t shop from the comfort of my own home! That’s about to change! There’s no concrete date yet for the launch, but H&M is encouraging all

In honor of this soon-to-be shopping expedition I’m going to embark on, I picked out some of my favorite pieces from H&M to help me ring in the summer!

Even though I didn’t make it to Coachella this year (a girl can dream right?), I love scrolling through the sets of trends from the festival.

One of my favorite trends from the festival – the off-the-shoulder look! From crop tops to long dresses, this look is the perfect way to show a little skin without wearing anything too revealing. I like how Micah pairs it with cropped denim for a weekend casual look.

This little H&M dress is great – it’s a wonderful alternative to a simple sundress.Shop for it here


I’ve been looking for a great pair of gladiator sandals for months, but the problem is – what do I do with them when the trend fades? Since they’re not a very wear-em-forever item, I’ve been looking for a pair of gladiator sandals that still has that effortless, laid-back Grecian feel but aren’t too trendy.

What about these sandals?
For a little alternative to a going-out shoe, this crisp black sandals have a sexy little detail with the gladiator lace-up detail! Shop for them here or in stores.

Did you hear that H&M opened up a home section? Now you can get trendy home furnishings at typcial cheap cheap H&M prices. To spruce up my room for summer – how about this tropical bedspread? Even though I’m not headed anywhere warmer than Ontario, at least my dreams can!

Shop for it here


And last but not least – a cheeky phone case! What better way to snap a selfie? Shop for it here

What are you craving this summer season? Anything in particular you want to add to you wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below!