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She’s Influential’s FriYay Sipper


She’s Influential’s FriYay Sipper

It’s Friday! At the end of the week there is nothing better then sitting down and enjoying a nice cocktail with friends. But who has the time or energy to make a complicated cocktail? This is one of my go-to recipes to ring in the weekend. It’s easy, but you can’t taste it!

The White Owl Ginger & Lime Whisky is a clear whisky that tastes light and refreshing. It tastes more along the lines of a Vodka or Rum than it does a Whisky!

She’s Influential’s FriYay Sipper

1.5 oz of White Owl Ginger & Lime Whisky

3 oz Soda Water

A dash of coconut water

Fresh basil and peeled lemon.


Throw it all together for a light, refreshing taste! Pro tip: peel the lemon as garnish.