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The #HauteCouture of Faucets


The #HauteCouture of Faucets

 Have you heard of THG Paris? THG Paris is a line of exquisite French bathroom fittings and accessories. THG Paris combines both beautiful French craftsmanship with quality design. The brand offers sixty years of experience in creating beautiful finishings for your home.

THG Paris

THG Paris has a huge focus on decadent materials, from Swarovski crystal embellishments to Gold, Rose Gold and Rhodium finishing. Every piece is hand finished by skilled craftsman and artisans.

Check out their jaw-dropping line of finishings, exclusively at Ginger’s!

The New Lighting Collection from Canvas


The New Lighting Collection from Canvas

The Canvas Collection from Canadian Tire has provided some great design inspiration this last year. From basics for your living room and kitchen, to beautiful holiday decorations. This spring it’s all about bringing light into your space with the all new lighting collection from lead product developer and style & design expert Tracy Platt.


The team at Canadian tire has done an amazing job this season of creating classic, modern lamps for every room. Clean lines, simple colors, and shapes that catch the eye – these lights are anything but boring.

Here are some of my favourite designs from this season’s collection. And a few of my favourite design tips from Tracy Platt.


canvas-trend-alert-canadian-tirecanvas-olive-ceiling-pendant-canadian-tire canvas-emerson-ceiling-pendant-canadian-tire


canvas-canrson-table-lamp canvas-style-tip-tracy-platt

I think Tracy is right on with her style tips for this season. By not settling for just one lamp style you create interest wherever the eye is drawn, plus for more open spaces it can help create a sense that you’re stepping into a different space just by setting with different lighting.

Change up your lighting to help freshen up your space and to brighten up a room. With the new collection from Canvas I’m sure you’ll find something to compliment your space, whatever your style.

Have a favourite piece? Share it with me in the comments. And check out for more design inspiration and to see the whole Canvas lighting collection.

Favourite Christmas Ornaments #CTChristmas

Decor Holidays

Favourite Christmas Ornaments #CTChristmas

Have you got your tree up and ready for the holidays? No? Don’t worry, there’s still 17 days to go.

If you’re still looking for some design inspiration, make sure to check out the Canvas Christmas Collection from Canadian Tire. Because whatever your colour-theme, they’ve got you covered, from traditional red and greens, to more modern teal, silver, and bright colours.

My favourite ornaments?

The Artic Teal Glitter and Vine Ornaments


I love that little bit of glamour from the sparkles mixed with the outdoorsy feeling from the vines.

If you have a favourite ornament share it in the comments. Perhaps it’s something new, or something that’s been with you for years.

#MYCanvas – Christmas with Canadian Tire


#MYCanvas – Christmas with Canadian Tire

With Christmas just around the corner, I’m getting excited for entertaining friends and family! I swung by Canadian Tire to pick up some decorations for my holiday table. I’ll be entertaining several groups of friends and family so I’m really looking for a tablescape that everyone would love! I swung by Canadian Tire to get the creative juices flowing and found so many wonderful decorations that would be just perfect for my tablescape!  Canadian Tire’s new CANVAS collection has so many great decorations to glam out your holiday table.

IMG_0251 IMG_0253 (1)IMG_0226

I started off with a crisp white tablecloth and laid the CANVAS Holly Holiday Silver Table Runner over the middle. This festive runner works wonderfully on a round table like mine or a rectangular one!  Pro tip: add any extra CANVAS ornaments you have to a large bowl or use them as decorations on your charger!


This CANVAS owl ornament is festive, but without being uber-Christmasy!


These CANVAS silver glass cluster balls would look wonderful on your table. Lace them with silver ribbon to create a low-key centrepiece!

Gold Office Accessories


Gold Office Accessories

I will be redesigning my office. I have not been a fan of  “gold” accessories for at least 10 years…but now I can’t get enough of it! I started with Nate Berkus Stainless Steel Scissors to start from Target. They were so popular it was difficult to find them in stock – but I did~




For my walls, white frames with gold prints




These are the items I will be adding to my desktop.




Next on my list is these gorgeous file folders! There are 2 options: dots and stripes. I love them both, though I believe I will see the stripes as my primary folder.



If you live in Canada you can order these from Indigo! If you live in the United States, you can order from the Kate Spade website

KitchenAid Wall Oven with Even-Heat™ Convection


KitchenAid Wall Oven with Even-Heat™ Convection

Last week I shared with you some of the great features about the KitchenAid Multi-Door Fridge and the Black Stainless Suite. And this time I wanted to share something that will save you time in the kitchen. The wall oven with Even-Heat™ True Convection.

wall-oven-even-heat-true-convection-kitchenaidIf you’re not familiar with convection ovens yet, unlike traditional ovens which rely on radiation from the oven walls to transfer heat into the food, convection ovens  have fans inside that help circulate the air. This means that the whole oven stays evenly heated and maintains a consistent temperature. Because of this it also reduces the time it take to cook your food. Less cooking = more enjoying.

wall-oven-even-heat-true-convection-kitchenaid-microwaveThe top section of the combination oven is a 1.4 Cu. Ft. microwave. It’s 900 watts with a 1600 watt convection element to help you speed up your cook time.

wall-oven-even-heat-true-convection-kitchenaid-insideThe convection oven comes in two sizes. You get 4.3 Cu. Ft. capacity from the 27″ oven, and 5 Cu. Ft. capacity from the 30″ oven. Both have plenty of room to allow for cooking multiple dishes at the same time (and the convection ensures they’re all evenly heated).

The bottom rack has a SatinGlide™ roll out, so you can comfortably remove large and heavy dishes from the the oven.

wall-oven-even-heat-true-convection-kitchenaid-convert-temperatureBecause convection cooking takes less time, and can usually be done at a lower temperature, KitchenAid has added in an EasyConvect™ Conversion System. With the press of a button you can convert your regular bake temperatures and times for convection cooking. No guess work, or checking the oven to make sure the food isn’t overcooked. Which means your food will come out perfect every time.

wall-oven-even-heat-true-convection-kitchenaid-handlesLike the other newest appliances from KitchenAid, the oven features satin cross-hatch handles, that are inspired by professional kitchens, and are easy to grip, and easy to clean. And the red KitchenAid Medallion, which is their mark of quality.

wall-oven-even-heat-true-convection-kitchenaid-Black-stainlessThe oven is available it the newest Black Stainless, regular stainless steel, and white. So whatever your kitchen style is, there’s an oven to match.

To learn more about the features of the Combination Wall Oven with Even-Heat True Convection visit the KitchenAid website, or find a retailer nearest you.

Celebrating #LeonsCAE and Free Furniture Giveaways at Leon’s Roundhouse

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Celebrating #LeonsCAE and Free Furniture Giveaways at Leon’s Roundhouse

Fall is one of my favourite times of the year! As the temperatures start to drop and we spend more time inside, we need to make sure that our furniture is ready for “nesting” season. The urge to make new purchases comes at just the right time because Leon’s is celebrating its annual Customer Appreciation Event!

On Thursday morning, I had a bright and early start to head over to the Leon’s Roundhouse in Toronto! When I arrived at 6:15 a.m., the line was ALREADY down the side of the building as guests anxiously awaited 7:00 a.m. for the doors to swing open. The hustle and bustle was contagious and the sales were out of this world! The best part was the first 100 guests who entered the store would receive $100.00 gift card for their next purchase at Leon’s!

Here are some fantastic items I spotted walking around the Leon’s Roundhouse location. Look at the colours, the textures and the general feel of the space – aren’t these pieces beautiful? The best part of the Leon’s Roundhouse store is they also featured mini “condo” areas to show how their furniture could fit into smaller spaces. This is a really great feature – as I’m sure you Torontonians (or many of your friends and family members) live in a space that’s under 1000sq feet!

The most exciting part of the day was watching Cityline Breakfast Television introduce new pieces LIVE – drawing for a great couch featured in their media lounge and explaining some design tips for your home. Jenn Valentyne and Shai DeLuca-Tomasi brought a lot of spunk to the early start – and certainly increased everyone’s enthusiasm about the great weekend to come!


Jenn Valentyne (Host, Breakfast Television), Autumn Hachey (Director of Social Media, Leon’s) and Christine Wolfl (Social Media Co-ordinator, She’s Influential)

Leon’s Customer Appreciation Event will continue throughout the weekend at all Leon’s locations throughout Canada and the store is giving away over $40,000 worth of prizes. This is your chance to win FREE furniture – yes, you heard that correctly – F-R-E-E FURNITURE! You can use their store locator to find the location nearest you. Below you can see a snapshot of all the prizes that you could win. After all, who doesn’t need a new accent chair or 5 pc dinette set to spice up the space?

CAE Draw Winners
Here are the great things you can enjoy this weekend with #LeonsCAE:

  1. Facebook Sweepstakes: You have until Sunday September 20, 2015 to enter the contest. Click here to enter the contest!
  2. In Store: Visit your local Leon’s store on Saturday and Sunday for a chance to win FREE furniture. Every store is giving away furniture all day!
  3. FREE Hot dogs and drinks:  Bring the family on down so you can shop while they eat!

furniture 1
furniture 2
Don’t forget to tweet along with us using the hashtag #LeonsCAE on Twitter! We look forward to hearing about your new purchases and if you’ve won any prizes. Good luck, everyone!

KitchenAid’s Newest Multi-Door Fridge


KitchenAid’s Newest Multi-Door Fridge

Recently I had the chance to check out the latest appliances from KitchenAid. And while I talked about the Black Stainless Suite here, I also wanted to share more about their newest refrigerator: the Multi-Door Fridge.

Multi-door-fridge-kitchenaidIt has some incredible features, making it one the best looking, convenient, and efficient fridges out there. Its stainless steel doors are easy to clean and come in regular stainless steel, or their newest black stainless (which looks incredible next to dark brown cabinets).

multi-door-fridge-handles-kitchenaidThe fridge handles are a satin cross-hatch, which makes them easy to grip, but still easy to clean. They also feature the red KitchenAid Medallion.

multi-door-fridge-open-kitchenaidKitchenAid fridges have independent cooling systems. One for the fridge, helping to keep food fresh longer. And a separate system for the freezer. This increases the fridge’s efficiency. Plus to help minimize odours, they have The FreshFlow™ Air Filter. Plus the Produce Preservers can help delay over-ripening of your fruits and veggies.


The 5-door configuration is the first of its kind. It keeps food fresher, longer, by separating your food. The 2 soft-close drawers optimize your storage, and keep food at the perfect temperature. The left drawer has 5 pre-set temperatures: meat/fish, drinks, greens/herbs, deli/cheese, thaw/marinate. The right drawer is perfect for fruits with its Produce Preserver.

And just when you were thinking, “that’s a lot of storage,” it doesn’t stop there. There’s an herb drawer in the main part of the fridge, to keep all your herbs fresh and full of flavour. And the large freezer has 3 levels, plus a divider on the lowest level. No more digging through the freezer, freezing your hands!

multi-door-fridge-water-kitchenaidThe water and ice dispenser are on the outside of the fridge, minimizing the need to open the fridge door. The water dispenser is also programmed to pour out specific measurements in ounces, cups, or litres! You can also program it for the exact amount of water you need for you coffee machine or water bottle. It’s the little attention to details like this, that make this fridge so amazing.

multi-door-fridge-LED-lights-kitchenaidThe inside of the fridge and freezer are lit with LED lights. Making it easy to find anything you need. They’re also energy efficient and never need to be replaced.

You can view all the details about the Multi-door fridge by visiting their website: or find a retailer near you.

Black Stainless Suite from KitchenAid

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Black Stainless Suite from KitchenAid

Earlier this year KitchenAid launched its newest line of appliances: The Black Stainless Suite.


It’s the first-ever black stainless steel collection and it looks incredibly sleek. The stainless steel appliances are forged from anodized steel and feature chrome inlaid frames around the ovens. The handles have a satin cross-hatch which makes them easy to grip and easy to clean.


The oven has KitchenAid’s Even-Heat™ True Convection System. Which means the whole oven stays at the same temperature, evenly heating your food. No more turning your food around halfway through cooking, or struggling with dishes that are too hot on one end and cold on the other. And since convection cooking takes less time than a regular oven you can easily convert regular oven temperatures and cook times, with the press of a button.


cooktop-burner-details-kitchenaidThe cooktop now has a more precise flame to help you get the perfect temperature, and the Dual Ring Burner will let you go from boiling to simmering all on the same burner. And if you’re worried about making a mess on your new cooktop, the CookShield™ Finish protects the cooktop from spills and stains – the mess is easily wiped away with a cloth and will keep it looking like brand new.

And the attention to detail doesn’t stop there. The stove top dials feature brushed stainless steel, an easy-to-clean cross-hatch texture (so it seamlessly blends with the rest of the collection), and a bladed dial to help you select the most precise settings.


You can check out all the new features by visiting them online: or by visiting a retailer nearest you.

MyCANVAS Twitter Party with Canadian Tire September 21, 2015


MyCANVAS Twitter Party with Canadian Tire September 21, 2015

Join the Twitter Party September 21, 2015

Join us for a #myCANVAS Twitter Party and get some great inspiration for your home from Monika Hibbs!

Monika Hibbs has designed her home with CANVAS from Canadian Tire #myCANVAS

Twitter Party Details

Date: Monday September 21, 2015
Time: 8:00pm – 9:00pm ET
Host: @CanadianTire
Guest: @MonikaHibbs

Can you believe it is September?

It’s that time of year again. September – when we all start to prepare for the new season. The kids are back to school and we’re all back to our regular routines. The temperature starts to change, we change our wardrobes and also start to “nest”. I love to get my home updated and refreshed. If you’re like me and are looking for inspiration, then you need to look to Canadian Tire, (yes I said Canadian Tire!)

Have you seen the new CANVAS Home and Dining Collection from Canadian Tire?

Add style to your home with Canvas. Check out how the Canvas design bloggers put their own spin on the CANVAS collections and find inspiration to create your perfect vision.

Monika Hibbs in her living room

CANVAS Camden Multi-purpose Storage Cabinet is the perfect item for any room of your house!

CANVAS Camden Multi-purpose Storage Cabinet

The CANVAS beverage cabinet is a perfect piece for those who love to entertain!

CANVAS Camden Beverage Cabinet

Wouldn’t you like an invitation?

CANVAS Camden TV Stand

Brunch anyone?

Gorgeous table setting

Gorgeous stacked white pantry to display your treasures!

CANVAS Stacked Large Pantry

Which is your fave item?