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Lancôme #LoveYourAge


Lancôme #LoveYourAge

Lancôme has partnered with Look Good Feel Better to help women #LoveYourAge.

For every age declaration, Lancôme will donate $3 to Look Good Feel Better (up to $15,000). And they’re almost at their goal. Over 4,000 women have already made their declaration. And you can too.

Declare My Age

Lancôme believes that no matter your age, beauty is not about hiding your age. It’s about embracing it, loving it, and making the most of it.

I believe body positive campaigns are really important to us as women. By learning to love ourselves and others, just as we are, we can make positive changes in the world.

Look Good Feel Better is a charity dedicated to helping women cope with the effects cancer and its treatments have on a women’s appearance and their morale.

#AlltogetherAtHolts – You could be featured in the spring 2016 campaign and win a shopping spree worth $1,500!

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#AlltogetherAtHolts – You could be featured in the spring 2016 campaign and win a shopping spree worth $1,500!

Had to blog about the AllTogetherAtHolts campaign. Have you heard about it?



What’s in it for you?

You could be featured in the spring 2016 campaign and win a shopping spree worth $1,500!

All you need to do is share a photo or video of  yourself on social media using #AllTogetherAtHolts. Then, nominate the style icon in your life to join the conversation!

Want to elevate your selfie? Visit the Holt Renfrew in-store photo booths and selfies stations that recreate the campaign backdrop and post your enter from there. Click here to find your local Holt Renfrew store!

Shoppers LOVE. YOU.

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Shoppers LOVE. YOU.


Over the last 5 years Shoppers Drug Mart has donated over $57 million to support women’s health. From the Run for Women, to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, and One Walk to Conquer Cancer.

And recently they launched a new program to help put women’s health first: Shoppers LOVE. YOU.

Shoppers Drug Mart knows that women feel better when they feel good and love themselves.

This new program shares the expertise of Shoppers Drug Mart partners at leading women’s health organizations, provides new health resources, and connects women in support of local women’s health initiatives across Canada.

To learn more, check out their Shoppers LOVE. YOU. website, you’ll find a calendar with all the events they support and learn how you can take part.

Nail Polish – Do you have a signature colour?


Nail Polish – Do you have a signature colour?

I am a creature of habit. If I find I like something I tend to stick with it. Like my nail polish. I used to be the Queen of the French Manicure. Week in and week out, I would get my french manicure. Now I would get more daring on my toes. I would be more daring. I would pink Pink. Actually fushcia to be more exact.


Then after years and pehaps decades, I changed to OPI Lincoln park. Dark short nails, That was it. And because I tend to be the matchy-matchy type guess what colour I would put on my toes… you guessed it.


I recently made a change to Blue – but that was to support Beauty Gives Back and their campaign to support women suffering from the cancer blues. So guess what – I painted my finger nails one shade of blue and my toes another shade :).

Now I am thinking I might go back to my French manicure roots – but only partially. I think I am going to go for a pink. OPI Bubble Bath was always my favourite.